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  Johanna Galyen, RN BSN




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Guiding women to create marriages and intimate relationships that fulfill their innermost needs and desires.

Reasons you should talk to a
Christian Life Coach.

  1. You have deep hurts & emotional pains that you want to share privately with someone  (Psalms 9:9)
  2. You want answers that are Biblical and practical   (2 Tim 3:16-17)
  3. You're looking for a new direction in your intimacy because something positive needs to occur
  4. You have tried reading self-help articles, and the top google suggestions, but nothing is working
  5. You realize that asking for help is the first step to change  (Psalms 18:6)
  6. You care deeply about your marriage and long for that intimate, loving, sacred sexuality that is God-honoring and promised in Scripture    (Gen 2:23-25, Heb 13:4)