3 Reasons to Never Share Your Bed

3 Bed No No

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Mommy, I’m scared of the thunder, can I come to your bed?

I don’t feel so good

Can I just sleep with you?

3 Bed No No

In my 14 years of parenting, and 15 years of marriage, in our home and our marriage bed, we have had one rule that we have fought to keep strong.

No kids allowed in our bed

I realize that this article may step on many toes and stir up some very strong feelings. You may disagree with me; you have very 1000 reasons against what I’m going to say. And that’s ok; I will still be friends with you and hey, let’s still go out for coffee or hot chocolate and hang out together and laugh.

(1) To survive, both parents need a full night of SLEEP and REST

(2) Children, while angelic looking, are rarely quietly sleepers in bed

(3) Sex is easier in a bed (and should not happen if a child is 5 inches away)

and just for fun – here are a few more reasons

(4) You need time to recharge yourself away from your children – even it is just for a little while.

(5) Teaching your child to sleep in their own bed is hard (in the short-term), but the benefits will pay off in the future

(6) Your spouse needs attention too – show them their worth by giving them your full attention

(7) Nursing babies are more complicated, but they too can learn to sleep in their crib

Yes, it is easier to just let your children sleep with you. The love and cuddles are nice, but it does not teach independence or helping the child learn to self-soothe themselves. They kick, wiggle, snore, move around, hiccup, and even poop in their sleep…All of which can keep you awake at night.

Start now to determine to encourage your children to sleep in their own bed, and spend the time with your spouse instead. In 18 years, the children will be gone and you might be left with a stranger in your bed instead of your loving spouse.

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6 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Never Share Your Bed”

  1. Hi Johanna,

    There are lot of things that one should learn from this article. The reasons why you should not share you bed are meaningful. It is always good to make kids become independent and the first step is making them sleep in their own bed.

    Glad you shared these.

  2. Thanks goodness I am long past this debate! Although I remember it well – I was always determined for our kids to be in their own beds but there are times of course when you must do what you must to survive!

  3. This is why C has rarely shared our bed. Hes a wiggle worm. Now there have been a few exceptions. He was sick or we were in a strange place. Or we both fell asleep while feeding…..
    But he slept in a cosleeper or bassinet or his crib.

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