5 Prayers for Your Husband

5 Prayers for your husband


The word itself just wants to draw you a little nearer to the person that you love.

But what if you want to be closer to your husband AND Christ at the same time?

When I was dating my man, 16 years ago, we would pray together.  It struck me that he would often close his prayer by saying, “As we draw closer to each other, may we draw closer to Christ.”  And through this prayer, I felt my heart becoming closer to him time and time again.

Kind of like an equilateral triangle, like the picture below.


Just as the picture demonstrates, you are on one side and your husband is on the opposite.  Christ is at the top.  So if you move in an upward direction towards Christ, the distance between each other gets smaller and smaller…until the top point is reached.

Kind of neat, right!

But how can you do this?  The easiest way to get closer to Christ and your husband is by prayer.  Here are 5 prayers that you can pray for your husband each and every day.

5 Prayers for your husband


Prayer of Strength

My husband is a Pressure Washer & Real Estate Agent.  The pressure washing job (Green Galyen Pressure Washing) requires a lot of physical stamina.  The insulated hoses are over 50 lbs, when you are not pulling them around, and when they are at full pressure with water inside of them, they get even heavier.   In his busy season, he is often found climbing ladders, walking rooftops, and spraying down houses.  All this to say, he needs a lot of physical stamina for the jobs that he performs.

But, I’m sure my husband is not the only one who works hard.  Whether your husband performs a desk job, hard manual labor, runs a restaurant, works in the medical field, or whatever he does…he too needs strength to get through long hard days of dealing with business and customers.

So today, I encourage you to pray that your husband will be strengthened with all might, according to God’s glorious power. Colossians 1:11


Prayer of Wisdom

Decision-making skills are not only important in business, they are important for life skills as well.  All throughout the day, whether they are little minute decision or monumental ones, your husband will be making choices that will ultimately affect you and your family.  Pray that God will give him the wisdom to make the right decisions.   Proverbs 4:6-7 states “Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. “

Prayer of Patience

So often, a prayer of patience is prayed for mothers as they are continually working with their children, but husbands (and fathers) also need patience.  In fact, if you think about it, everyone needs calming and times of patience to get through difficulties in their life.  So today, if you know that your husband is facing times of stress, difficulties, hard situations with work or family life, pray that he will have the endurance to complete the tasks at hand.

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.  John Quincy Adams

Prayer of Safety

Have you noticed that during flu season, suddenly everyone is aware of germs?  Hand sanitizer starts coming out, people wash their hands (like they are supposed to). They stay home if they are sick.  And then we all survive the cold winter weather, and people don’t worry about it as much.

Life tends to be like that. We focus on struggles (and germs) when they are at their greatest.  Praying for safety is not a germaphobic prayer during the time of possible illness.  Praying for your loved one’s safety should be a daily event.  Fighting traffic, working in dangerous occupations, like our local police force and first responders, or simply working through day-to-day struggles, pray for your husband’s safety!

Pray that God will be a refuge and a fortress, a place of safety, as they go about their daily routine.  Just as the picture above says, pray Psalms 91:2


Prayer of Togetherness

One of the sweetest times in your marriage will be the time that you spend around the mercy throne of grace.  I encourage you, every day if possible, to spend just a few minutes praying together.

While none or all of these prayers will take a long time, I encourage you to take one or more and pray them for your husband every day.  Our husbands have MUCH to deal with every day; whether it be work obligations, pressures of providing for a home, or just the day-to-day fact of living.

And let your husband know that you are praying for him.  Not only will this strengthen him, but it will draw you two closer together, just like the article HERE.