5 Valentine’s Day Preparations to be done Now


Public Service Announcement – Valentines is less than a month away.

Now is not the time to panic, but to plan ahead.  For those of you who do celebrate Valentine’s Day, February 13th is not the time to kick any plans into gear.  Now is the time to start planning.Valentines

Public Service Announcement #2

Valentines Day is NOT just for women.  It is for men too.  A good wife will remember this and start thinking ahead.

First of all, look at your calendar and see when you will get to celebrate.  February 14, 2018 is on a Wednesday this year. This day, for most couples, is NOT good to celebrate anything…except another work day successfully completed, kids safely transported to & from school, dinner fixed on time, basketball practice done, and church attended.  Now is a good time to sit down with your husband and see which day will work best with your schedules.

Number 2. Gifts of special foods ARE appropriate versus gifts that are very expensive.  If you have the financial ability to buy your husband a nice watch, tie, online gaming equipment, or a new set of golf clubs – then, by all means, go for it!  A great option would be the Marriage Reboot E-course (listed here). 30 days of dedicated focus on your marriage.  Simple & easy assignments each day to reflect back on your marriage, heal from wounds in the past, and learn how to set goals for the future.

Valentine's Day is NOT just for women, it is for your husband too! Plan now for the big event! Click To Tweet

Number 3. Scheduling the perfect babysitter is a task that can be done now.  As you plan ahead with your schedule, it is good to give others time to plan as well…especially for that awesome babysitter who your kids just adore, and you feel completely safe leaving your little brood with.

Number 4.  Dinner reservations are best made in advance.  As we all have painfully realized, the best restaurants in town often have extremely high wait times around Valentines Day.  But if you choose a different day for eating out, you’ll probably get better service and better food (when the cooks aren’t slammed with 90 orders in thirty minutes!)

Number 5. Schedule a Date Night In.  Plan for it when you two can be alone. After the children are in bed, or all tasks are done for the day. Sneak away and have some special time together.

Planning ahead for a date-night-in is crucial.  How will you decorate the space? Is there a small room in the house that you could transform into your special area?  Possibly, you are able to dig out some leftover white Christmas lights and put them up around the room.

Valentine's Day is NOT just for women, it is for your husband too! Plan now for the big event! Click To Tweet

Put some strawberries on your shopping list, and look up an easy chocolate ganache recipe (like the one here). Sparkling cider or his favorite bottle of soda is also nice to have.  Maybe even serve them in the glasses that were served at your wedding? A trip to the dusty boxes in the attic might need to occur, but making the event special is worth the effort.

Finally, find some soft blankets, a space heater (if the room is cold), a few fluffy pillows and put them around the space.

And viola.

Your very own love nest.

Valentines Day does not have to be a stressful event.  You do not have to spend a great deal of money on the day.  But you can start planning now for how you want to spend your time together.

Life is not measured by the breaths that we take, but by the moments that take our breath away ~ Maya Angelou

Today if possible, or sometime this weekend, take a few moments to plan your schedule for the perfect Valentines Day for your husband. Let him know how much you love and respect him, and make this day one that he will never forget!

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  1. Great to see you so organised. I guess it’s time for me to order a card and start thinking about some gifts. We’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day as a “go out and do something” sorta thing, but we’ll definitely stay at home and cook something delicious. Hope yours goes great!

    1. LOL, yep! It’s about that time! We’ll probably cook some Ribeyes on our back porch; hope your meal is just as delicious! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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