about Johanna

  • Experienced Bible teacher to women, leading Bible studies, and scriptural advising.
  • I have taught women and men about intimacy and sexuality, showing them from the Bible how God ordains such a beautiful act.
  • I bring practical & helpful advice on how to deal with common issues such as vaginal dryness, increasing sexual drive, dealing with pain & numbness during intercourse
  • Comfortable with coaching husbands & wives together on intimate concerns & increasing deep communication
  • What you will find: 

    • Scriptural based coaching with a practical approach
    • Simple practical tools that will help your marriage mirror the image of Christ and His bride.
    • An honest Biblical understanding surrounding the fear and shame of sex.
    • Guidance to understand what God says about the marriage bed and intimacy between a husband and a wife

    What you will not find:

    • No foul or crass language (only proper medical & body terminologies will be used).
    • No Pornography pictures or erotic stories

A little bit about myself.  I have been married to the love of my life for 14 years. We met at a Christian camp while teenagers, and although went to college in separate states, we made the long-distance relationship work through writing, phone calls, and the occasional dates.  We have 4 children, ages from 7-13. 2 boys and 2 girls.  We love being parents to them and seeing how life changes our roles as parents as the children grow.  I am a homeschool mother to our children, and also work part-time in the medical field teaching patients to better their health.   I am the official “snack lady” in our church children’s program and am an active & faithful member of our church.

My husband and I love Tennessee Volunteers college football, hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, and are hopelessly addicted to cruising the Caribbean together.  Balcony cabin and room service, please!