Bi-Monthly Great Blogs 2.2

Bi-Monthly Greats

Every few weeks, I will be highlighting recent blog posts that I found to be helpful. It is my goal to bring you in one place some of the best blog articles that will help your marriage, Christian Growth, and daily life.

So join me in reading some wonderful posts that will make a difference to you.


Cherishing Us Devotional

Christian resource for couples to do together at any stage of their married life (whether beginners, middle married, or long-timers!)  Fun and simple to use. Great for conversation starters and binding your hearts together

5 Things to do If Your Husband has Bad Breath

Helpful suggestions for awkward situations!

5 Holidays to Celebrate with Your Spouse – Besides Valentines Day

International Kissing Day?  Yes. Find it and celebrate it.  Oh, don’t forget about your anniversary either!

Hope Amidst Heartache: Finding Intimacy after their Son was Stillborn

A heart-wrenching, true story, of how one couple found hope & intimacy after a painful loss. trigger warning



Christian Growth

How Can God Speak through My Art – WHAT’S MY BURDEN

33 little dots, all connected in an amazing way.  You will be rather surprised to see how those little dots are transformed to represent most Christian’s lives. Burdened down with weights and cares.  Lay those burdens down in prayer and find peace.

Practical Advice

Setting a Theme for the Year

Will your theme this year be something like, ““Release” or “Family” or “Learning.””  Or perhaps…Generosity.

Human Beings Build Your Blogging Business Not Numbers

The key to a great blog is good relationships and quality friendships

How to Become A Distraction-Free Blogger – Donna Merrill Tribe

Multi-tasking and distractions can destroy your work-ethic.  Great tips on getting the work done the right way and the best way possible

Keeping Time

A sweet poem about losing track of time on her wedding day. By guest writer B.G. Jenkins

Why it’s So Hard to Forgive Each Other

“The fact is that no matter how many helpful tips we are presented, we already pretty much know what we need to do to embrace forgiveness; we just don’t want to do it.” andAnyone can hold a grudge, but it takes a person with character to forgive. When you forgive, you release yourself from a painful burden.Doe Zantamata


Please note: These blog articles are from a variety of resources, just because I have listed the article here, does not mean I agree 100% with everything that is written. I encourage all readers to be ‘wise as serpents and harmless as doves’ and read with discretion.


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  1. Hi Johanna,
    Thank you so much for mentioning the poem “Keeping Time” written by BG Jenkins on my blog. She has a great way with words and she’s always a participant in our Weekly Writing Prompts. Thank you again.

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