Bi-Monthly Great Blogs! – February

Bi-Monthly Greats

Every few weeks, I will be highlighting recent blog posts that I found to be helpful. It is my goal to bring you in one place some of the best blog articles that will help your marriage, Christian Growth, relationships, parenting, and daily life.

So join me in reading some wonderful posts that will make a difference to you.


Lessons for Marriage – Forgiven Wife

Netflix and Chill –  Advocating for both spouses needs make your marriage stronger, and you will do a better job of learning to live like Jesus.

Christian Growth

Rest in God – Forgiven Wife

No matter what you are facing today, you can rest in God’s promises for you.

Nothing Is Wasted – Brown Sugar Toast

Whether it be illness or disappointment, nothing is wasted in God’s eyes.  He is drawing Himself to you

Your Heart Under a Bush – Embracing Grace

Hiding from life after a painful time?  Is your heart numb?  Allow God to heal your wounded heart – Psalms 147:3

The Meaning of Winter – Embracing Grace

Is Winter a season of endless waiting for you?  Don’t lose heart, a time of new growth and change is coming in the promise of Spring. “Every dark season conceives the beauty of His holiness, to be birthed in the future light. In His time, He melts the snow and ushers in new life.”

Intimacy & Relationships

10 Tips to find a Spouse in Your Forties – To Love Honor and Vacuum

Finding love is not impossible…at any age.

Five Free Valentines Gifts for your Spouse – Hot Holy Humorous

Valentines’ gifts don’t have to cost you a fortune, here are 5 tips that you can do today!


What My Son’s Autism Diagnosis Taught Me about Myself – Autism Speaks

A mother immerses herself into the world of Autism with it’s own lingo and education plans to better equip herself and her son to get the best education possible


How to Connect with Online Influencers – Blogging from Paradise

The key to a great blog is good relationships and quality friendships

Do You Have the Guts to Succeed in Blogging – Donna Merrill Tribe

Get past mental blocks, increase serotonin, make your brain work for you and make your blog succeed!

Please note: These blog articles are from a variety of resources, just because I have listed the article here, does not mean I agree 100% with everything that is written.  Please read cautiously and carefully.


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