The 4 Lies of Marriage

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The Left Side of the Bed

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5 tips for a Romantic Spring

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The 7 types of the Perfect Cuddle!

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Goodnite, My Beautiful

A tribute to Barbara Bush No one likes a sad ending. No one wants to say goodbye. Life is not like that, however, endings keep coming. April 17, 2018, brings another life to an end. It was expected, but still painful. America is mourning the loss of their grandmother. In the book, Love and War, Continue Reading

The Last Sheet on the Toilet Paper Roll

How to Deal with First-World Problems Sitting on the porcelain throne in my home, I actually do feel like a queen. All regal and imperial. Life decisions are discovered and made there. Candy Crush levels are passed on the first attempt. Twitter feeds are read. Instagram hearts are given out. Facebook friends suddenly are interesting; Continue Reading

5 Life Lessons from Long Division

There are no calculators for life lessons or in fourth grade I wish there was an easier way to do division. And I mean long division. Like this: 61/256 = 4 r 21 If just the thought of doing those calculations in your head bring you the chills, then you can understand the angst of my Continue Reading

Am I Really Listening?

No. I wasn’t listening at all. The question was simple.  “Where do you want to go for dinner?” It seems like a very simple and easy question.  But not in our house.  My husband and I have very similar tastes at times, and then we don’t.  They’re really far apart.  Throw in a gluten-allergy, and Continue Reading

The 4 Lies of Marriage

The Sneaky List You Probably Haven’t Realized Yet No one wants to think of themselves as gullible. We all watch the magician do his tricks and try to see the hidden rope or secret chamber.  Seeing lies in our marriage, however, is much more difficult.  We change them, fluff them up, add some secret wishes and Continue Reading

How to Have a Perspective of Love

A few years ago, we landed upon a goldmine.  It was a shared calendar app for our iPhones.  The whole month is viewable at a quick glance, it can be color coded per each of our email addresses (we happen to have 6 different emails right now with work and personal), and it quickly updates Continue Reading

How to Enjoy a Friday Night

 I found the normal setting for our family Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash Friday nights in a house of 6 people. Exciting times. Or, you might think they are crazy, insane times. It’s not like that tonight. I love how my home has its own rhythm of loud and quiet. Busy and stillness. Insanity and Continue Reading

5 Romantic Vacations in the Spring

Spring break is not just for school kids. it can be enjoyed by couples as well.  By using some careful planning, you will be able to avoid the spring break crowds (and noisy kids) and enjoy some romantic times together. Biltmore House Located in the mountains of Asheville, NC, the Biltmore House is known as Continue Reading

Sorry, But It’s Nap Time

My time to be refreshed and energized for the rest of the day Every day around 1:15 pm, I can feel that quiet wave start to hit me. Nap time. The wave of tiredness and quiet. As soon as I can escape to my room, I do. It’s all ready for me; the soft bed, black-out Continue Reading