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I’m giving up….unless

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I'm giving up...unless

Have you ever wondered how a book thousands of years old, could speak to you?  Could call you out by name?  And could meet every single need that you really need right now?  This is impossible…unless there is an all-powerful God behind each and every word. Sometimes, the Bible surprises […]


Are you a true Ice Cream Expert?

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ice cream

In the middle of a cold January night, what is better than a nice bowl of ice cream and dreaming of a much warmer climate? It doesn’t matter if it’s soft serve or by the scoop.  In a cone or your favorite bowl. Plain, with hot chocolate fudge sauce, or […]

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Self Love versus Self-Care

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When my focus is on Christ, then my life suddenly becomes clear.  But when the focus is changed to me, that’s when everything starts to look a bit blurry. Change your focus onto Christ, and not onto self. But for Christians, the idea of self-love is a hot-button. A danger […]