The 4 Lies of Marriage

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The Left Side of the Bed

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5 tips for a Romantic Spring

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The 7 types of the Perfect Cuddle!

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The Left Side of the Bed

My husband and I are a bit of an odd couple. We have a lot alike. We both like Tennessee Volunteers football, Italian and Mexican food. We hate being late for any occasion. We both like cruising and eating really good hamburgers. Sweet tea and chocolate run through our veins as easily as blood. Yet Continue Reading

Winter or Summer? Do you Know You?

You may think that Summer is your style, but it could be that Winter is actually your favorite! Are you game? Enjoy this fun quiz to see if you truly are a winter person or a summer person. Related: Remembering Winter  Let me see…were you right? Put your correct response in the comments!    

Remembering Winter, the Right Way

In just a few days, winter will be over until December. I’m always excited to see the end of winter; the cold nights, slippery ice, frosted covered vehicles, and freezing coldness is never my favorite.  However, I have now seen 37 different winters.  Some colder than others, but each individually unique. Yes, that is exactly Continue Reading

The Wrong Shade of Green

An St. Patrick’s Day Wish to End Jealousy. How do others succeed when I don’t?   I wish I could change the font color of this.  Now some people probably couldn’t read it without the white and black contrast.  But I would change this font green. In fact, I would make everything green on this Continue Reading

5 Comforting Tips

Times of grief and times of sadness come to us all.  Bad days at work. Rough days mothering. Anxious days awaiting results for medical tests, job reports, or even difficult conversations can take their toll on any relationship. If your loved one is going through a difficult time, one often wonders, “What can I do?”   Here Continue Reading

Why I ask my Husband to Fry the Bacon

That salty, crispy piece of heaven. Time can stop for a few moments while we ponder the joys of bacon. It tastes delicious Crispy and hot or cold and crumbled – it doesn’t matter. It is still good. It perfumes the house better than any spray of Febreeze can do with its wafting aroma.   Continue Reading

5 tips for a Romantic Spring

Very easy tips that are simple and fun to do.

it is just a few weeks away…time to start thinking and planning for Spring.  This can be an extra special time of love for the 2 of you.  So enjoy the warmer weather and let the love bloom!

-Plant flowers together

-Take a walk outside and hold hands

-Visit someplace beautiful – like the Biltmore House

-Enjoy spring break together!

-Have a picnic outside

No matter what you do, make it special this Spring.

Make it sweet

Read about a Chocolate Marriage

and make it fresh!  Just like the promise of Spring!

Healing after Miscarriage and Grief. My Memoire of Little George

As another February draws to a close, a little sigh escapes my heart. It was this month three years that I had my only miscarriage. I cannot tell you what I had for dinner 3 days ago; I struggle to remember people’s names.  Occasionally, I get lost on old backroads and have to pull out Siri Continue Reading

Bi-Monthly Great Blogs 2.2

Every few weeks, I will be highlighting recent blog posts that I found to be helpful. It is my goal to bring you in one place some of the best blog articles that will help your marriage, Christian Growth, and daily life. So join me in reading some wonderful posts that will make a difference Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Change Your Diet of Books

What if you only read the same style of books, over and over and over. Would your life be changed by those books? I say, yes, it would. Married life is not like a romance novel.   It is actually very different than the reality that is portrayed in the books.  Once upon a time, there Continue Reading