The 4 Lies of Marriage

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The Left Side of the Bed

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5 tips for a Romantic Spring

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The 7 types of the Perfect Cuddle!

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A Three stranded Marriage

The last place on earth I expected to get marriage advice was from my family doctor at my pre-marital physical. But there I was on the exam table (in that lovely blue papered hospital gown) answering questions about my blood pressure, eating habits, family history, and all other important “medical questions” that good doctors ask. Continue Reading

The Fuzzy Line: Consent part 2

Are you on the fuzzy line of consent?  Not sure how to say no, afraid to speak up, wanting to please everyone? This indecisive moment doesn’t have to be so hard. Recently I wrote about the Wheel of Consent, and it’s importance in each marriage. If you have not read that article or watched the video I posted Continue Reading

Wheel of Consent: Part 1

When I first heard of the Wheel of Consent, I almost laughed. What in the world does a married, monogamous, faithful Christian woman need to know about consent????  I quickly learned, a lot.  A whole lot. While the Wheel of Consent is often used in regards to touch from others, in all reality it can Continue Reading

A most favorite acronym

Emotions.  I am an emotional creature.  Yes, I’m a woman. A real woman. A woman’s whose emotions can change depending on the weather, my breakfast choices, a cute remark from my children, a loving remark from my husband, the availability of clean clothes in my wardrobe, the lack of new clothes in my wardrobe, the Continue Reading

From R.N. to Life Coach: A story of change

When asked the all-important life question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would always promptly reply, “A nurse!” This thought has been so ingrained in me, that it is one of my earliest memories as a child.  I’ve always wanted to be a registered nurse.  Why? You may ask.  And my reply was Continue Reading

Once upon a time…a marriage beginning

So many marriages start like a Disney fairy tale, but then we wonder where our happily every after went. Remember, what makes a marriage is what keeps the marriage. The dating, the courting, giving of gifts, but most importantly TALKING! ​    No, not the talking about who takes out the trash, what groceries need to Continue Reading