Bible Verses

The Left Side of the Bed

My husband and I are a bit of an odd couple. We have a lot alike. We both like Tennessee Volunteers football, Italian and Mexican food. We hate being late for any occasion. We both like cruising and eating really good hamburgers. Sweet tea and chocolate run through our veins as easily as blood. Yet Continue Reading

Clipping Grace Coupons of Pickles

Clipping coupons is a great way to save money. But have you ever clipped a coupon for Grace? God’s grace is always there for us; His mercy abounds to all those who ask.  Clip a coupon for grace today. I have many friends who love to clip coupons.  All different ways.  They clip them from Continue Reading

Self Love versus Self-Care

When my focus is on Christ, then my life suddenly becomes clear.  But when the focus is changed to me, that’s when everything starts to look a bit blurry. Change your focus onto Christ, and not onto self. But for Christians, the idea of self-love is a hot-button. A danger sign. Lights and Sirens start Continue Reading

A Three stranded Marriage

The last place on earth I expected to get marriage advice was from my family doctor at my pre-marital physical. But there I was on the exam table (in that lovely blue papered hospital gown) answering questions about my blood pressure, eating habits, family history, and all other important “medical questions” that good doctors ask. Continue Reading