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Healing after Miscarriage and Grief. My Memoire of Little George

As another February draws to a close, a little sigh escapes my heart. It was this month three years that I had my only miscarriage. I cannot tell you what I had for dinner 3 days ago; I struggle to remember people’s names.  Occasionally, I get lost on old backroads and have to pull out Siri Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Change Your Diet of Books

What if you only read the same style of books, over and over and over. Would your life be changed by those books? I say, yes, it would. Married life is not like a romance novel.   It is actually very different than the reality that is portrayed in the books.  Once upon a time, there Continue Reading

I’m giving up….unless

Have you ever wondered how a book thousands of years old, could speak to you?  Could call you out by name?  And could meet every single need that you really need right now?  This is impossible…unless there is an all-powerful God behind each and every word. Sometimes, the Bible surprises me. And I mean, it Continue Reading

Clipping Grace Coupons of Pickles

Clipping coupons is a great way to save money. But have you ever clipped a coupon for Grace? God’s grace is always there for us; His mercy abounds to all those who ask.  Clip a coupon for grace today. I have many friends who love to clip coupons.  All different ways.  They clip them from Continue Reading

Self Love versus Self-Care

When my focus is on Christ, then my life suddenly becomes clear.  But when the focus is changed to me, that’s when everything starts to look a bit blurry. Change your focus onto Christ, and not onto self. But for Christians, the idea of self-love is a hot-button. A danger sign. Lights and Sirens start Continue Reading


I love music. As does my husband. And my kids too. It’s a good thing too since I’m playing music almost all the time.  If dinner needs to be cooked, the little Bluetooth speaker is often found before the pots and pans.  (and there is always a sigh of relief when it’s found!) The loudness Continue Reading

Living Life – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Not a Goodbye, but a Hello The best way to learn how to live is by simply doing it. Every.Single.Day I used to struggle with the idea of making a blog and a website.  But after 2 months of weekly blogging, and 12 straight days of daily blogging. I can honestly say that it has Continue Reading