I love music. As does my husband. And my kids too. It’s a good thing too since I’m playing music almost all the time.  If dinner needs to be cooked, the little Bluetooth speaker is often found before the pots and pans.  (and there is always a sigh of relief when it’s found!) The loudness Continue Reading

Living Life – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Not a Goodbye, but a Hello The best way to learn how to live is by simply doing it. Every.Single.Day I used to struggle with the idea of making a blog and a website.  But after 2 months of weekly blogging, and 12 straight days of daily blogging. I can honestly say that it has Continue Reading

Which Charlie Brown Quote are You this Christmas?

Oh, Good Grief! Are you a Lucy, Woodstock, or maybe even a Charlie Brown?  Or are you the choir singing or the little sad tree?Answer some quick and easy questions about Snoopy, your favorite tree, little Woodstock and caroling in the snow to find out what Charlie Brown will have to say. Christmas is almost here, Continue Reading

Finding Hope #10 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

A Heavy Heart Changed by Hope The holidays can be so bright and cheerful, but only if the heart accepts that. This week I have seen two different families remember and mourn this season. Each experienced a death of their newborn children.  One had two children die just days after they were born. No simple song Continue Reading

An Exquisite Fondue #9 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

About this time of year, I start to think of one thing. Food. Lots and lots of food. Oh sure, there are the special cookies. The party snacks. Maybe even Grandma’s broccoli casserole.  But I look forward to Christmas Eve Fondue at my in-law’s house.  This is one tradition from my husband’s childhood that I Continue Reading

Do Not Pass Go, Do not Collect $200 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Board Games – more influential than you think Do not pass go! Do not collect $200. Go directly to Jail! When one hears words like this, it is easy to remember days gone by and think of the games that we have shared through the holidays.  Whether it be Monopoly (as mentioned above), Clue, Uno, Continue Reading

My Beloved Husband #7 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

My Husband What is intimacy to you?? To me, it is an ever-changing idea and understanding.  I used to think it was just something that married people did.  But as I have grown as an adult and as a woman, I have come to realize it is so much more (like I posted here when I Continue Reading

Christmas Cookies #6 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Yummy, Soft, Chewy, Scrumptious Cookies! When I think of Christmas, many things come to mind, and the food of the season is high on my list! And we are not talking every day boring food.  No I mean, mouth-watering. Luscious. Melt-in-your-mouth kind of food. And one my favorite memories is Christmas Cookies. All different shapes, Continue Reading

Dreaming of a White Christmas #5 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

White Christmas Everyone seems to have their quintessential movie that represents Christmas to them.  For some, it is It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, or even Miracle on 34th Street.  But mine is White Christmas. It is the Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye movie from the mid-1950’s.  White Christmas is the story about two dance and Continue Reading

Christmas Visitors #4 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Christmas Visitors “Auntie is coming! Auntie is coming!” …is all I hear for a few hours before the special event that my kids look forward to (well, very loudly look forward to, I should say) every Christmas.  Every year, Auntie Jocelyn, my sister, comes to stay with us for several days, and it is an Continue Reading