Why I ask my Husband to Fry the Bacon

That salty, crispy piece of heaven. Time can stop for a few moments while we ponder the joys of bacon. It tastes delicious Crispy and hot or cold and crumbled – it doesn’t matter. It is still good. It perfumes the house better than any spray of Febreeze can do with its wafting aroma.   Continue Reading

The Perfect Union of White & Dark Chocolate

Several years ago, I found myself walking around the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.  I was in the middle of a very long journey home, and I was exhausted and really hungry.  Previously that night, I had boarded a plane at midnight in Bangalore, India.  I had spent the morning saying goodbye to some very Continue Reading

Are you a true Ice Cream Expert?

In the middle of a cold January night, what is better than a nice bowl of ice cream and dreaming of a much warmer climate? It doesn’t matter if it’s soft serve or by the scoop.  In a cone or your favorite bowl. Plain, with hot chocolate fudge sauce, or loaded down with toppings (gummy Continue Reading

An Exquisite Fondue #9 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

About this time of year, I start to think of one thing. Food. Lots and lots of food. Oh sure, there are the special cookies. The party snacks. Maybe even Grandma’s broccoli casserole.  But I look forward to Christmas Eve Fondue at my in-law’s house.  This is one tradition from my husband’s childhood that I Continue Reading