Friday 5th

5 Life Lessons from Long Division

There are no calculators for life lessons or in fourth grade I wish there was an easier way to do division. And I mean long division. Like this: 61/256 = 4 r 21 If just the thought of doing those calculations in your head bring you the chills, then you can understand the angst of my Continue Reading

The 4 Lies of Marriage

The Sneaky List You Probably Haven’t Realized Yet No one wants to think of themselves as gullible. We all watch the magician do his tricks and try to see the hidden rope or secret chamber.  Seeing lies in our marriage, however, is much more difficult.  We change them, fluff them up, add some secret wishes and Continue Reading

5 Romantic Vacations in the Spring

Spring break is not just for school kids. it can be enjoyed by couples as well.  By using some careful planning, you will be able to avoid the spring break crowds (and noisy kids) and enjoy some romantic times together. Biltmore House Located in the mountains of Asheville, NC, the Biltmore House is known as Continue Reading

Remembering Winter, the Right Way

In just a few days, winter will be over until December. I’m always excited to see the end of winter; the cold nights, slippery ice, frosted covered vehicles, and freezing coldness is never my favorite.  However, I have now seen 37 different winters.  Some colder than others, but each individually unique. Yes, that is exactly Continue Reading

5 Comforting Tips

Times of grief and times of sadness come to us all.  Bad days at work. Rough days mothering. Anxious days awaiting results for medical tests, job reports, or even difficult conversations can take their toll on any relationship. If your loved one is going through a difficult time, one often wonders, “What can I do?”   Here Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Change Your Diet of Books

What if you only read the same style of books, over and over and over. Would your life be changed by those books? I say, yes, it would. Married life is not like a romance novel.   It is actually very different than the reality that is portrayed in the books.  Once upon a time, there Continue Reading

5 Prayers for Your Husband

Closeness The word itself just wants to draw you a little nearer to the person that you love. But what if you want to be closer to your husband AND Christ at the same time? When I was dating my man, 16 years ago, we would pray together.  It struck me that he would often Continue Reading

5 Ways to be Encouraged – part 2.

Rain, Rain. Go away. Don’t come back another day.  Have you ever noticed that winter is a time of dreary weather?  The past few weeks at my house have been a combination of cold snowy days and warm rain.  All day rain.  The slow methodical drizzle that never ceases.   Dark heavy clouds of the storms Continue Reading