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In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth about Emotional Decisions Part 1

The Decision Making Process Should I make this decision? It’s hard. Weighing the positives and negatives start to overwhelm me. I am not an indecisive person, some of the time…well, most of the time. Ok. Sometimes I am. Making decisions can be difficult. My decision-making process is through my personality, the lens of what is Continue Reading

The Last Sheet on the Toilet Paper Roll

How to Deal with First-World Problems Sitting on the porcelain throne in my home, I actually do feel like a queen. All regal and imperial. Life decisions are discovered and made there. Candy Crush levels are passed on the first attempt. Twitter feeds are read. Instagram hearts are given out. Facebook friends suddenly are interesting; Continue Reading

Remembering Winter, the Right Way

In just a few days, winter will be over until December. I’m always excited to see the end of winter; the cold nights, slippery ice, frosted covered vehicles, and freezing coldness is never my favorite.  However, I have now seen 37 different winters.  Some colder than others, but each individually unique. Yes, that is exactly Continue Reading

5 tips for a Romantic Spring

Very easy tips that are simple and fun to do.

it is just a few weeks away…time to start thinking and planning for Spring.  This can be an extra special time of love for the 2 of you.  So enjoy the warmer weather and let the love bloom!

-Plant flowers together

-Take a walk outside and hold hands

-Visit someplace beautiful – like the Biltmore House

-Enjoy spring break together!

-Have a picnic outside

No matter what you do, make it special this Spring.

Make it sweet

Read about a Chocolate Marriage

and make it fresh!  Just like the promise of Spring!

A tale of Loyalty and Love – Peter Rabbit Movie Review

This month, February has been a blockbuster month of fun and interesting movies that have been released. My husband and I took our family to see Peter Rabbit,  and realized through this there were many great lessons for life and marriage through it. In case, you haven’t seen it. There will be spoilers below.  Consider Continue Reading