Hope for my Emotions

Healing after Miscarriage and Grief. My Memoire of Little George

As another February draws to a close, a little sigh escapes my heart. It was this month three years that I had my only miscarriage. I cannot tell you what I had for dinner 3 days ago; I struggle to remember people’s names.  Occasionally, I get lost on old backroads and have to pull out Siri Continue Reading

Lost in my Sea of Titles

Lost!! Lost and drowning. Lost and drowning in a sea of responsibilities and expectations. I couldn’t believe that THIS was something I actually wanted!  The Christian woman’s dream that she grew up thinking about. Wife, mother, housekeeper, businesswoman, homeschooler, Sunday School teacher, substitute nursery worker. All day long I was helping other people.  People that Continue Reading

5 Ways to be Encouraged – part 2.

Rain, Rain. Go away. Don’t come back another day.  Have you ever noticed that winter is a time of dreary weather?  The past few weeks at my house have been a combination of cold snowy days and warm rain.  All day rain.  The slow methodical drizzle that never ceases.   Dark heavy clouds of the storms Continue Reading

Bi-Monthly Great Blogs! – February

Every few weeks, I will be highlighting recent blog posts that I found to be helpful. It is my goal to bring you in one place some of the best blog articles that will help your marriage, Christian Growth, relationships, parenting, and daily life. So join me in reading some wonderful posts that will make Continue Reading

I’m giving up….unless

Have you ever wondered how a book thousands of years old, could speak to you?  Could call you out by name?  And could meet every single need that you really need right now?  This is impossible…unless there is an all-powerful God behind each and every word. Sometimes, the Bible surprises me. And I mean, it Continue Reading


I love music. As does my husband. And my kids too. It’s a good thing too since I’m playing music almost all the time.  If dinner needs to be cooked, the little Bluetooth speaker is often found before the pots and pans.  (and there is always a sigh of relief when it’s found!) The loudness Continue Reading

Finding Hope #10 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

A Heavy Heart Changed by Hope The holidays can be so bright and cheerful, but only if the heart accepts that. This week I have seen two different families remember and mourn this season. Each experienced a death of their newborn children.  One had two children die just days after they were born. No simple song Continue Reading

What’s Your Emotional Intelligence

Colors are everywhere, but are they important?! They mean something to you and me, but our response to them is unique to each of us. Try this beautiful and multi-colorful quiz and see what your emotional intelligence is today   So, how did you do? Did it guess you correctly or was it completely off Continue Reading