Lost in my Sea of Titles

Lost!! Lost and drowning. Lost and drowning in a sea of responsibilities and expectations. I couldn’t believe that THIS was something I actually wanted!  The Christian woman’s dream that she grew up thinking about. Wife, mother, housekeeper, businesswoman, homeschooler, Sunday School teacher, substitute nursery worker. All day long I was helping other people.  People that Continue Reading

Release the Shadow of Regret.

Do You Regret Your Marriage? Ahh, regrets. The bane of most people’s existence. The nagging & nipping little dog that is constantly at your heels. The 20lb weight on your shoulders that weighs you down. The dark shadow that follows you…everywhere you go. As a commentator on, I was posed with this exact question, Continue Reading

Agape Love Box ~ a Review

Agape Love Box Cue the perfect box, for the perfect date night in.  With the blustery cold weather and dropping temperatures, this date box is the perfect way to spend quality time together with your spouse.   Add in some quiet romantic music, some grilled steaks, and promise yourself…No talking about work, or the kids, or Continue Reading

5 expectations in a Husband

What can you expect from your husband?


5 Expectations husband

Sharing today a special video post to visually show these points. Hope you enjoy!

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The Perfect Union of White & Dark Chocolate

Several years ago, I found myself walking around the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.  I was in the middle of a very long journey home, and I was exhausted and really hungry.  Previously that night, I had boarded a plane at midnight in Bangalore, India.  I had spent the morning saying goodbye to some very Continue Reading

5 Valentine’s Day Preparations to be done Now

Public Service Announcement – Valentines is less than a month away. Now is not the time to panic, but to plan ahead.  For those of you who do celebrate Valentine’s Day, February 13th is not the time to kick any plans into gear.  Now is the time to start planning. Public Service Announcement #2 Valentines Continue Reading

5 Rules of Texting that Will Change Your Marriage

In the age of electronics, quality communication is a forgotten art.  Quick communiqués back and forth do not make for a solid marriage.  Words are important, but so are the tones and the feelings that are behind them.  To have a good marriage make sure you fill each text message with all the right information. 1.Keep Continue Reading

5 Ways to Increase Intimacy – Friday Fifths

Today on Friday 5th’s, we’re looking at ways to increase intimacy in your marriage.  So try these simple 5 quick tips.  None of them take a long time, but the far-reaching effects can dramatically improve the  intimacy and love in your marriage. 1. Look at your spouse IN the eyes for more than 10 seconds Continue Reading

My Beloved Husband #7 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

My Husband What is intimacy to you?? To me, it is an ever-changing idea and understanding.  I used to think it was just something that married people did.  But as I have grown as an adult and as a woman, I have come to realize it is so much more (like I posted here when I Continue Reading

A Three stranded Marriage

The last place on earth I expected to get marriage advice was from my family doctor at my pre-marital physical. But there I was on the exam table (in that lovely blue papered hospital gown) answering questions about my blood pressure, eating habits, family history, and all other important “medical questions” that good doctors ask. Continue Reading