A tale of Loyalty and Love – Peter Rabbit Movie Review

This month, February has been a blockbuster month of fun and interesting movies that have been released. My husband and I took our family to see Peter Rabbit,  and realized through this there were many great lessons for life and marriage through it. In case, you haven’t seen it. There will be spoilers below.  Consider Continue Reading

Lost in my Sea of Titles

Lost!! Lost and drowning. Lost and drowning in a sea of responsibilities and expectations. I couldn’t believe that THIS was something I actually wanted!  The Christian woman’s dream that she grew up thinking about. Wife, mother, housekeeper, businesswoman, homeschooler, Sunday School teacher, substitute nursery worker. All day long I was helping other people.  People that Continue Reading

5 expectations in a Husband

What can you expect from your husband?


5 Expectations husband

Sharing today a special video post to visually show these points. Hope you enjoy!

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