The Perfect Union of White & Dark Chocolate


Several years ago, I found myself walking around the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.  I was in the middle of a very long journey home, and I was exhausted and hungry.  Previously that night, I had boarded a plane at midnight in Bangalore, India.


I had spent the morning saying goodbye to some very dear friends I had met in Bhadravathi, India. Took a 6-hour bus ride to Bangalore, shopped around the city, had a late-night dinner in a cool restaurant, and somehow managed to stay awake until midnight to board the plan

Nine long hours and 5-6 time zones later, I landed in Paris.  Deboarded the plane, took a 3-mile bus ride from the plane to the terminal, fought through construction zones, lengthy security checks, (thankfully some of the workers spoke enough English that I could figure out what was needed to do), and finally I was left with a 4 hours wait till my next flight back to America.

As you can imagine, survival instincts from exhaustion were starting to creep in.

Wandering around the Parisian airport, I just happened to find a chocolatier shop…and they were giving away free samples.

Fresh samples

So fresh, you actually could see behind a glass screen where the chocolates were being made.

I picked up one of those chocolates and bit into a piece of pure of heaven.

Perfectly smooth and creamy milk-chocolate heaven.

It was incredibly delicious, and just as it was written in the book Don Quixote

Hunger is the best sauce ~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Time stopped for a few seconds as I savored that delicious bite of chocolate.  And yes, in case you were wondering, I think I heard angels singing.

Have you ever stepped back and realized that your marriage is a bit like chocolate?

There are the cheap kinds. Like those 99cent specials at Walmart?  Filled with nasty preservatives, wax, and some ingredients that only a chemist could pronounce.  There’s also cheap marriages. Supplied with quick lust and shallow promises.  Built solely on the wax of emotion, and a bit of heat shows the nastiness of the fake ingredients when the fires of disappointment come.

There are also the excellent European chocolates like Godiva and the Swiss Teuscher brands. Superfine chocolates made by professional chocolatiers. Filled with the finest cacao beans, creams, and fruits, they are a genuinely delectable experience by those privileged enough to try them.  Chocolate is a very versatile food as it can be served in savory and sweet dishes ~ also great in Fondue as written about here.

There are also fine marriages.  Ones that you look at in awe.  The couple seems to be a perfect match, compliment each other beautifully, filled with kindness & grace, and full of love.  Their eyes completely sparkle when they are together.  As the years roll by, their marriage only strengthens with time.

To make up these marriages require chocolate. The core ingredients.  There is white & dark chocolate.  2 types of chocolate that are entirely on different ends of the flavor spectrum, but still, are loved by people all over the world.    Some purist may say that white chocolate is not chocolate, but famous chocolatiers disagree.  A quality box of chocolates will include all varieties and flavors.

A good marriage is precisely the same.  Two people from different backgrounds, different cultures, maybe even different locations on the map.  These differences are not to be made prominent, and one is better than the other, but an acceptance of each other.  Each person brings a different set of skills, knowledge, and learning experiences to the marriage.

Marriage, like milk chocolate, represents the perfect union and blend of white & dark chocolate. Click To Tweet

Milk Chocolate represents the ideal marriage union.  White meeting Dark.  Sweet and soft meeting rich and bold. Colors swirling, sharp richness smoothing itself out to a perfect finish. Sweetness contrasting with bitter.  Together they meet in surrender and soar to new heights.

Softy and deftly, two merging into one.

And suddenly a new creation is born. No more is this chocolate considered white or dark.  It has wholly unified into a new sensation.

It is now one chocolate.

One Flesh

Just like your marriage. When you were pronounced Man & Wife, you are no longer two separate people, but now you are one.   Is your marriage merging into a new creation or is it still two different flavors?  Is your sharpness too much for your spouse?  Is one trying to be overly dominant in the relationship while the other fades into inexistence? Are your words dripping with sugar & cream, but never truthful?

Stop and reflect today.  What needs to happen in your marriage to keep you two as one flesh?  What is one thing that you can do right now to smooth out your perfect chocolate recipe?  Will you be left with a master recipe that your children will admire for decades to come or will you be trashed like the cheap leftovers?

You have each been given the perfect ingredients to work with. But it is your choice to decide what you will make with them.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Union of White & Dark Chocolate”

  1. What a great metaphor. And we love our chocolate!

    “Is your marriage merging into a new creation or is it still two different flavors?”

    Great questions for us to ponder. And great principles for us to live.

  2. An interesting and creative take on marriage! I think I’ll make a shake or a chocolate cream pie when thinking about my marriage of 27 years – hard to believe but still mixing the flavors of our lives.

  3. What a sweet (pun intended) view of marriage! I love the chocolate analogy and the description of your trip brought made me shutter a little because it brought back vivid memories of why I quit the travel business because that used to be my life on a regular basis. Anyway, thanks for a lovely read and for the inspiration.

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