Christmas Cookies #6 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Christmas Cookies

Yummy, Soft, Chewy, Scrumptious Cookies!

When I think of Christmas, many things come to mind, and the food of the season is high on my list!

And we are not talking every day boring food.  No I mean, mouth-watering. Luscious. Melt-in-your-mouth kind of food. And one my favorite memories is Christmas Cookies.

All different shapes, sizes, colors, sprinkles, (and yes) flavors!  Now I know, I might have just committed a Christmas crime when I mentioned flavors.  But my mom discovered a way to add even more flavor to Christmas cookies.  One year, when I was 8 or 9 years old, she ran out of food coloring when we were making the icing for the cookies.  We lived in a very small town, in the hollers of West Virginia (think of a tiny town surrounded by the mountains), and there were no grocery stores close by.  In fact, usually, when we wanted to do any major shopping trips, we traveled 45 min north-east to a larger town.

So that year, she grabbed what she knew would color the icing.  A package of kool-aid.  Yes, that small 20 cent package of children's flavored drink.  She sprinkled a little bit of that on the white icing, stirred it up, and *WOW* we had colored icing.  And not only that, it was fruity flavored.  That year, we used strawberry and lime. Pink and Green.  Yum. Yum. Yum!

While, I do not always use flavored icing on my cookies, some years I will dig it out and sprinkle it on my kids' cookies and just watch their eyes light up.

I think why Christmas Cookies are such a cornerstone in most memories for children, is togetherness.  This is one of those occasions everyone gets to come into the kitchen and spend time together.  The cookies are mixed and rolled out.  Tiny hands use the cookie cutters.  Bells, Stars, and Reindeers start magically appearing.  And after they are baked & cooled, out comes the icing, the sprinkles, and the cutesy decorations.  Fingers are licked, crumbs are snitched, and broken cookies are never mourned very long (because usually, they are gobbled up when Momma is not looking)

Christmas is all about making memories, and below, I am sharing some pictures of years gone by.  In this, you will not see perfect, Food-network style masterpieces.  You are not going to see an immaculate kitchen and gleaming stainless steel.  But you will see smiles, laughter, sparkling eyes...and my memories.  The calories have long been burned off, but this is what I will treasure for years to come.

So often intimacy is only associated with marriage, but it is so much more than that!

  In this final stretch before Christmas, I'm sharing with you ways that I've found to have and give more intimacy this holiday season.   

Join me as we look at 12 days of unexpected and new-found intimacy. And who knows, you might just find yourself Glowing Still a bit more brightly!

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