Guest Post

Thank you for your interest in writing a Guest Post here on Glowing Still.  I thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and willingness to share.  Just a few guidelines to make the process go smoothly.

  1. Guest Post is by invitation, but you may ask if we have a friendly relationship. (i.e. please get to know me for a while before asking)
  2. Only DRAFTS are accepted. Please no previously published materials
  3. The focus here on Glowing Still is on marriage, Christianity, and making your life better.
    1. Please note: The focus is only on POSITIVE marriage. There will be no bashing of either sex.  Please refrain from references to alcohol, political or hot-button topics
    2. No suggestive pictures, pornography or foul language will be accepted
  4. Word Count – Please use a minimum of 500 words. Maximum 3000.  The Yoast light should turn green
  5. I love pictures, bright colors, and graphics in guest posts. Please feel free to use free sites like Pixabay, Pex, and Canva to tweak your designs.  All pictures must be owned by you or free to public use (no pulling random pictures off of Google)
  6. If you use other sources, please cite them appropriately ( is an easy way to do this)
  7. Upon acceptance as a guest post writer, you will be given instructions on how to send your draft.
  8. Drafts will be reviewed and you will be notified if your post has been accepted and the (approximate) date of publishing
  9. You (the writer) retain partial access to your writing and are free to publish it with the proper accreditation after 2 weeks.
  10. I reserve the right to not publish or remove any articles (with no notice) that do not fit within these guidelines or do not match within the flavor and style of Glowing Still.


Thank you again for your interest. If you are accepted as a guest writer, I will personally email you and give you access to write on Glowing Still.