Heavenly & Divine: The Mother-in-Law

Marriage may be the joining of 2 people, but one can never forget the joining of families. Nor do they forget about the mother-in-law.

Distant relationships coming together can be as similar to adjoining nations promoting relations across the oceans.  Or, it can easily seem that way.

When a husband and wife marry, the two become one flesh.  Each leaves their father and mother, make a new home and a new “circle of life” begins.  However, just because a new home is created, the old home is not forgotten.  And rightly so, spending time with family is always special.

What is the difference between in-laws and outlaws?  Outlaws are Wanted

The jokes are endless, and so is the complaining. The but of all the jokes, the endless scrutiny, eye-rolling, and sighing…is the Mother-in-Law

Before your nightmare becomes reality, before you think that your worst fears are coming true.  Stop.  Let me tell you about a reality that is actually true.  They aren’t all nightmares.

It’s true.  Not all Mothers-in-Law’s are bad.  Before you get carried away. Think about this for a moment.  If you are a woman, and you have children, there is a very good chance that one day you will be a mother-in-law. (ahem! That means, one day your children might grow up and get married!)

Yes. YOU are making choices today that will decide your fate in the Mother-in-Law jokes of life.

Let me tell you about a very special woman in my life that exemplifies what I mean.  My mother-in-law.  Years ago, she told me a very special story, and one that I have kept close to my heart. (I hope that I write it as well as she shares it)

One day a lady came to me, she saw that I had sons. And she told me a secret.  She said, “Your daughters will almost always return home after they grow up, but not the sons. If you want to see your sons in the future, then you need to make it easy for your daughters-in-law. You need to befriend your daughter-in-law. Help out where you can. And always be loving.”

I am so blessed to say that she has lived by that story.  My mother-in-law is one of the sweetest women that I have ever known.  She shares the love in her heart by giving abundantly, with smiles, friendship, laughter.  Her kitchen turns out amazing, mouth-watering meals served with love.  She remembers the little things, like my husband’s favorite pickles and the broccoli-cranberry salad I love.  It is so fresh and full of flavor. If close my eyes just right, I can still taste that masterpiece of a salad.

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My mother-in-law remembers that my favorite color is purple, just like hers.  We share many similarities in life.  We enjoy traveling, reading on our Kindle, baking, chocolate(her favorite is dark chocolate, while mine is milk chocolate). We love flowers, tiny baby snuggles, and laughter.

As the grandmother of our four children, she has been a huge help to us with babysitting.  Although our children are getting older, spending time at Grandma’s house is still a treat to them.  Board Games like Sorry and Clue come out, and championships are fought.  Pizza is purchased. Memories are made.  I know they are special to her, her eyes light up every time she sees them, and I treasure the fact that they have such a loving grandmother.

My mother-in-law and I also share one really special treasure. We share the love of one man. It is her son, and it is my husband.  Our love is very different, and yet it is still love.  Hers is the love of a mother. I know she still can see him, as that tiny baby, in her arms.

He is the child that she prayed so diligently for.   He is the one that (literally) almost killed her in delivering him.  He was her first son. The one that would keep the family name alive.  She is the one…who many years later…gave up her son to my arms.  The release of this love has not gone unnoticed.

Love can only be true love when it is allowed to be free. When it can grow, change, mature. My mother-in-law has given me a rare gift...her son. #mothersday #mothers #thankful #blessed #lifecoaching Click To Tweet 

Because, as you can see, love that is kept and hidden is not real love. She poured her life into him. She taught him to treat me with respect.  She taught him to love me, to take care and cherish me.  She taught him the meaning of hard work, to provide for us so that we would never be hungry and we would always have a roof over our head. In her kind way, she has taught him the power of love and forgiveness so when I make mistakes, he still chooses to love.

So this year, on Mother’s Day.  I would like to thank my mother-in-law for her love. Her love for her son that she has shared with me.  The love of her grandchildren that she so abundantly pours out on our family.  And most of all, the love she has for her daughter-in-law.  Her name means, “heavenly and divine”, and I truly have been blessed from heaven above by this woman.

As the Proverb goes, “her [daughter-in-law] rises up, and calls her blessed”. Because I truly am the blessed one.

5 thoughts on “Heavenly & Divine: The Mother-in-Law”

  1. My mother in law is a gem Johanna. Not an outlaw at all. Love that joke hehehe.

    I live with her – and Kelli of course 😉 – when I return home. We only return to the US for her, my dad, and the rest of my fam. I do love America so much but want to see the world too. Meaning since fam is my prime draw, I spend as much time with them as possible.

    Kelli’s mom is kind, caring and incredibly chill. I don’t even know she is in the house most of the time. What a blessing to have as a mom in law.


  2. Hi Johanna, This is truly beautiful, and thank you so much for sharing this wisdom of love. It is so appreciated. We should all remember this.

    Joining family together isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

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