How to Enjoy a Friday Night

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 I found the normal setting for our family

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Friday nights in a house of 6 people. Exciting times. Or, you might think they are crazy, insane times.

It’s not like that tonight. I love how my home has its own rhythm of loud and quiet. Busy and stillness. Insanity and calm.

One child is watching YouTube how-to videos, one child is playing Star Wars, two are playing twister in the basement. The occasional burst of laughter is heard as one falls to the ground. Friday night means later bedtimes and no homework; everyone is so much more relaxed.

I like these moments. No one is fighting. Their tummies are full. Each family member made what they wanted for dinner. Some had pizza subs all toasted nicely with some bubbly cheese. Others had cold-cut subs topped with crunchy lettuce and mustard (mayonnaise is not a favorite condiment in our house).

I love how my home has its own rhythm of loud and quiet. Busy and stillness. Insanity and calm. Click To Tweet

Moose tracks ice-cream and some leftover chocolate-chip cookie dough balls are fixed for dessert. On a night of tiredness, I discovered I could freeze the balls of cookie dough and bake them in the future. Some wanted to eat them raw tonight (I know, I know, they could be dangerous. But since no one got sick the night they were made, I don’t worry anymore)

One of the blessings of teaching your children to cook is delegation! So I asked my second child to bake them off for me. The task is quite simple, turn on the oven, place the cookies on a greased pan and bake for 10 minutes. Yet, I love how my children enjoy such simple little things like this. They sense the accomplishment of getting to help bake and the rewards are nice as well.

In life, it is easy to focus on the big events. In reality, those aren’t the ones that make up the majority of our life. It is the mundane, everyday events like tonight. Supper was made and was cleaned up. One child emptied the dishwasher, and soon another child is refilling it.

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I’m thankful for nights like these. They provide a sense of normalcy to our life. I need nights like this in our home; they are as comforting to me as a warm blanket in the winter or a balm to my soul.

My soul gets so tired at times. News reports blaring one disaster or tragedy after another.

Facebook news feeds are full of complaining and whining. Someone is sick, not enough money for an event that was shared, rude comments, and more commercials.

A quiet and peaceful home is a balm to my soul. I’m reminded of the proverb

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.

I realize even more what that proverb is saying. A fine cut of steak or a mouth-watering roast in a home that is filled with arguing, fighting, hurt feelings and mean words is a terrible meal. I think of those times that I was angry at my children, the food I ate wasn’t pleasant. I could not digest the deliciousness when I was so upset, and neither would I care to ever repeat that meal.

I’m so thankful for my home of love. While my dinner wasn’t a stalled ox or herbs, it was leftovers, and it was sufficient. My family is happy. We love each other.

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My children don’t know this, but they will remember these times. They will look back on nights like this and smile. They will remember times of peace and happiness when all was right.

They are living in some of the best days of their life, and they don’t even know it.

But I do. I think this is one of those things that come with maturity. Realizing that my greatest blessings aren’t in wealth, but the enjoyment of a happy family in a house full of love.

And maybe even a Friday night with the smell of chocolate-chip cookies baking in the oven…I really can’t think of many better things in life!

4 thoughts on “How to Enjoy a Friday Night”

  1. All of my children knew how to cook from a very young age. They are all now very self-sufficient young adults. However, now cooking is falling back to me as two out of the three live 400 miles away.

  2. Hi Johanna,

    This sounds like a fun Friday night. I dig the proverb too; love should infuse all meals, snacks and life, because with love, all is enjoyable, and enough. We ate almost every dinner together as a family for my 26 years living at home, and my parents did so with my sister until she moved out a few years later. Almost 30 years of loving family dinners for my parents. They did it right.


  3. Hi Johanna,

    I must say Friday night is the time that people start waiting from Monday. It is good to know how you are making the Friday night memorable for your kids.

    Thanks for sharing.

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