My Beloved Husband #7 – 12 days of Unexpected Intimacy

Agapetos love

My Husband

What is intimacy to you??

To me, it is an ever-changing idea and understanding.  I used to think it was just something that married people did.  But as I have grown as an adult and as a woman, I have come to realize it is so much more (like I posted here when I wrote about a 3-stranded Cord).  It is not just an act to do, but an opening of one's self.  A sharing. Giving of your heart. In the purest form, it is Agapetos Love.

For my Unexpected Intimacy series, I want to share you with on day #7, the number of perfection...My most special unexpected intimacy.

My husband.

I could tell you all about him. What he looks like, what he does.  His friends know him to be a hard worker, friendly, loves to play basketball and softball, and eat Chick-fil-A.  His mother will tell you that he used to have curly brown hair, and he loves miniature pickles & cheesecake (not together of course!).  His Dad will tell you that he was his hiking buddy when he was a boy.  His previous co-workers will tell you he’s punctual, has a positive attitude, team-player, loves to laugh, and that he’s a great leader.  His pastor will tell you that he’s dependable and he’s always willing to help out.  His children will tell you that he will play Skip-bo with them even when he is tired.  He will take them to the park and push them really high on the swing-sets.  He is really good when playing Monopoly, and no one can beat him at that game.  And he loves adventure movies like Captain America and Batman.

But let me tell you about him. 

My husband is the love of my life.  Everything that others say about him is true.  I cannot deny a bit of it (and neither would I want to!).    He is quite handsome and very strong. No, he is not a weightlifter, but a hose-lifter. Double-wired, pressure washing hoses. These are very heavy and difficult to use, but he manages them with ease.  I would tell you that he’s gentle.  Strength under control.  Like a rare stallion. Magnificent and strong, but treats me like his queen. His best friend and confidant.

I will tell you that he has a listening ear. Even if he doesn’t understand how bad my day was, he still listens to me and lets me talk.  Also, I would tell you about his shoulders.  Yes, they’re massive. But they are mine for finding strength and for crying.  When my Dad died, he would bury me in his arms and just hold me.  Not once did he complain about my tears or how wet his shirt was becoming, he would just let me cry.  And into those shoulders, my grief and my pain were absorbed till a balm of peace swept over me.

I will happily tell you that my husband is a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. 

A godly man. A man who not only reads his Bible but tries his best to live by it.  When the book of Ephesians says, “Husband, love your wife, even as Christ loved the church.”…that is exactly what he does.  He pays attention when 1 Peter 3:7 commands him to live (WITH ME!) in understanding. He endeavors to show me honor and respect. Why? Because he knows that I am an heir to God’s grace just like him. He will never have to snap his fingers and demand attention because he has earned my respect and my love.

He has a beautiful tenor singing voice and can sing melody and harmony in turn. But he uses his voice to help and encourage me. My long working hours, dealing with disobedient children, and normal life stuff - can all be made better by his kind words. Helpful suggestions. His words lift me up and are cheering me on to greater heights of living life well.

He is my rock when I’m so conflicted by emotions and indecisiveness. He may not always know what to do, but I can cling to him and know that as the storms of life pass me by, he will be there to help me. He is my protector. He fights for me. Woe to the man who is unkind or flirts suggestively & inappropriately, because he takes his marriage vows seriously and protects me.  In return, I feel honored and cherished, just like he vowed to do on April 19, 2003.

husband intimacy

Lastly, I would tell you about his eyes. WOW! They twinkle, smile, and laugh. They are the color of the Caribbean sea on a hot summer day.  Blue and sparkling.  They can look at me, and I melt.   But never do they look at me with disgust or criticism, but only with love. Deep agapetos love (google it! I dare you)

He is my completer.  My husband is the salt to my pepper.  So I loudly and proudly shout from the mountain tops what the Shunammite woman said in Song of Solomon, “THIS is my beloved, and THIS is my friend.”

So often intimacy is only associated with marriage, but it is so much more than that!

  In this final stretch before Christmas, I'm sharing with you ways that I've found to have and give more intimacy this holiday season.

Join me as we look at 12 days of unexpected and new-found intimacy. And who knows, you might just find yourself Glowing Still a bit more brightly!