Boost Your Libido


If chocolate and a bubble bath seem more enticing at the end of a long day than your hubby,

then you need this course (Plus it’s awesome. And super funny)

Boost Your Libido

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What would life be like if you could flip a switch and

suddenly feel “in the mood”?


I know for many women chocolate and a bubble bath sound way more enticing that sex at the end of a long day, but I also know that sex is supposed to be awesome in marriage. And too often we women devalue sex, and end up losing out on something amazing that God created for us!

Sheila starts by talking about how we often don’t understand libido in the first place. We think that if we’re not panting at the sight of our husband, then we must not want sex. But what if our understanding is wrong?

But it’s not ALL in our heads, and throughout the course, she shows how understanding our hormones and understanding how our body works (and even accepting the body we have!) can help us want sex more, too.

Let this course take the guesswork out of your body, and let Sheila help you learn to think differently and change your routines so that chocolate will never seem like a sex substitute again!

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