Remembering Winter, the Right Way

In just a few days, winter will be over until December.

I’m always excited to see the end of winter; the cold nights, slippery ice, frosted covered vehicles, and freezing coldness is never my favorite.  However, I have now seen 37 different winters.  Some colder than others, but each individually unique.

johanna galyen

Yes, that is exactly how old I am. 37 years old.  I’m not afraid of that number going up, in contrast, I am thankful that it does rise steadily every year. I think of those who have left us in earlier years, and am thankful that I am still here.

Instead of wishing this time away, today I am consciously reflecting back on best memories of the winter of 2017.

We had snow! Not a huge amount, but it was enough for our kids to sled down the big hill a few times!  We never lost power in the snowstorms, and our house was always warm.

I formally launched my blog and website.I was chosen as a featured contributor to She Owns It. A monthly blog for women entrepreneurs and I share lessons that I have learned in marriage. HERE is one article I wrote about the 4 Guests of Marriage

I was accepted into 2 publications on – The Ascent and Publishous.  Sending my writings there have been a bit more nerve-wracking because an editor has to approve each post and they have to fit certain requirements.  Accomplishing this feat has truly been an honor.

Christmas time was with our family, and we celebrated it together.My favorite gift was my Instapot. (Yes, my husband is amazing!)  The Instapot lives up to all the incredible hype and infomercials.  I have taken a 3lb boneless chuck roast and cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection in 1 hour.

One special memory of Christmas morning was my older daughter getting her humongous unicorn!  It was so big I had to use an extra-large trash bag to wrap it up.  Nothing else would begin to cover it!

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My husband only missed a few jobs due to the cold, but most of his work continued. As a pressure washer, the weather has to be above freezing for him to work.  Believe me, spraying water in below freezing weather is not a great idea or very fun…not to mention after a while it becomes dangerous due to the possibility of slipping on the ice.

I published An Intimate Cord of Love. My first published book is now available on Amazon Kindle!!! In this, I share about how a simple cord taught me one of my best marriage lessons in life.  Get your copy today for only $3.99

I found an incredible physical therapist for my health.Dr. Susie Gronski in Asheville, NC. She has been an amazing person to work with. I have really appreciated how she takes the time to really listen and her exams are the most gentle I have ever experienced. After visiting some doctors who poke and prod, apologize, and push harder…well let’s just say that Dr. Susie is not one of them.

And get this. If you tell her something hurts…she actually believes you.  I know!  Shocking, right?!?!  Never once has she said to me like other doctors have, “Well, I can’t find anything wrong, so I think you’re ok” (Translation?? The pain is all in your head, so quit faking it and here’s a prescription so you’ll stop bothering me.)  No. No. and NO!  Dr. Susie is not like that at all.  She offers non-prescriptive approaches to health through physiotherapy and gives helpful information on her blog as found HERE.

Before you think that I am all Pollyanna’ish about life, there were those rough times as well as the good ones.  Having influenza and pneumonia for 3 weeks was not my best memory, but even with those times, I am so thankful for my husband and family helping me through the rough patches.

As my 37th winter comes to a close, I want to remind you, my reader, of one of my mottos.

Life is worth the Living.

You are not guaranteed tomorrow. You only have today.  Be thankful for each and every day that the Lord has blessed you with.  I urge you to reflect back with smiles and look towards the future with hope!  And remember, always be Glowing Still.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Winter, the Right Way”

  1. Hi Johanna,

    Sounds like a fun winter to me. We had about a month and week of winter before heading to Thailand. More than enough as New Jersey saw bitter cold temps plus a few snow storms. But I had fun with fam and friends around the holidays and did enjoy my time in NJ during this bitterly cold winter. Now I could use some snow; 100 F almost daily here in Chiang Mai.


    1. I cannot imagine 100’s in a house without air conditioning. But I hope it’s a drier heat than the muggy conditions we have in the south. That would definitely help! And thanks so much for reading & sharing! It is very much appreciated

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