A Summer of Memories


My Dear Readers,

I wanted to write this letter to you, and let you know I’m still here.  No, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still writing.  My blogging schedule has changed for the summer, and instead of you thinking that I am done blogging (I’m not) I wanted to let you in on a little glimpse of my life and the memories that we are making right now.


Have you ever watched the movie, The Wizard of Oz?  It’s an old classic film, and in it, there is a scene where Dorothy meets the Wizard.  She later finds out that he is just a little man behind a green curtain who is making all the noise and clamor.  So here is my peek for you “behind my curtain” of life right now.

Summer officially starts in 3 days. But, according to the weather, it’s here right now.  We are having multiple days of 90-degree weather (Fahrenheit).  It’s hot, but I’m making every attempt to spend this time off of school and regular activities one that is special and filled with memories.

(1) I have been going on weekly, and twice-weekly dates with Stephen!  It has been so much fun sneaking away.  Today, Stephen had a chiropractor appointment and I went along…and we celebrated it by getting a chocolate milkshake, with 2 cherries, at Chick-fil-A.  For Father’s Day, we celebrated by eating out at Five Guy’s Burgers, and enjoying some time to just talk. Sometimes our dates involve pressure washing condominiums, but I’m thankful that the Lord provides work that I can assist Stephen with…and I’m equally thankful when those times are over.  Just because I can pressure-wash some concrete and get it sparkling clean, does not mean I want to all the time 🙂 .

(2) Hot Days mean Swimming Time! Splashing together with my children at a local pool has been so much fun. We have enjoyed the time together, and my youngest is finally learning to swim. I just hope and wish the other kids catch on a well as her.  I make the swim times extra special by taking along their favorite snacks and Gatorade drinks.  Who knew that eating goldfish cheese crackers by a pool was so exciting?, but according to my 10-year-old…it is!!

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(3) Porch Swinging. A few days ago it was bedtime, but Stephen wasn’t tired yet.  He asked me to come outside for a few minutes and just swing with him.  *Happy Sigh* Those “few minutes” turned into 45. It was dark outside, and our back porch faces a countryside hill that is covered with brush and trees.  Well, that night the fireflies were out. Hundreds of fireflies.  Every time I looked at that hill, it sparkled and twinkled in the night light. It was so beautiful and almost magical in appearance.  If Disney’s Tinkerbell was real, I could have sworn she was spreading her fairy dust all along that hill that night.  Stephen and I just talked and talked. Sometimes it was about important things, other times we just giggled about the activities of our daily life.  I really treasure memories like these.

(4) Reconnecting with old friends. I’m so thankful that I have been able to reconnect with two friends.  It has been so neat to see how quickly we have been able to pick up where we left off and just talk about our families.  They have been a blessing to my heart and encouraged me in so many ways.

So, that is just a little glimpse into my life this summer.  I plan to return to my twice-weekly blogging schedule when school returns this fall when life returns to a more scheduled life.  I hope that each of you are building and growing your marriage.  Let me know if I can help you or guide you in any way.

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What are you doing at the end of this spring and into summer?  Let me know in the comments if you have some really good plans or ideas!  I’d love to hear your ideas and memories made!


6 thoughts on “A Summer of Memories”

  1. Hi Johanna,
    As Summer hits here up in Maine, we don’t usually get too hot and humid days. It is much cooler and temps are about 80 degrees and it gets cold at night. Since I moved up here five years ago, I had to get used to the Summer evenings where it is sweater weather. But I’m enjoying every minute of it.
    My Summer is filled with guests coming over to beat the heat of New York and a few weekend trips. Otherwise, beachwalking is my middle name because we live a mile away from it. I am enjoying my Stay-cation here.

  2. I love the changed pace of summer. Went strawberry picking with grandkids on Tuesday. Such great conversation. Sweet fellowship. Ahhhhh, summer. God bless!

  3. Your summer sounds wonderful Johanna. Five Guy’s rocks. We flew back from New Zealand last week so settling into NJ now. Same deal on 90 degree temps. Feels like summer even before the solstice.

    1. Ryan, two months ago, it felt like winter was still here and spring got lost. Now I’m wondering what happened to the slow spring I complained about! Welcome back to the states and your home in NJ. I’m already looking forward to your next trip across the world! ~ Johanna

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