Are you a true Ice Cream Expert?

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ice cream

In the middle of a cold January night, what is better than a nice bowl of ice cream and dreaming of a much warmer climate? It doesn’t matter if it’s soft serve or by the scoop.  In a cone or your favorite bowl. Plain, with hot chocolate fudge sauce, or […]


Which Charlie Brown Quote are You this Christmas?

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peanuts Charlie Brown

Oh, Good Grief! Are you a Lucy, Woodstock, or maybe even a Charlie Brown?  Or are you the choir singing or the little sad tree?Answer some quick and easy questions about Snoopy, your favorite tree, little Woodstock and caroling in the snow to find out what Charlie Brown will have to […]


Will Your Marriage Last?

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Your activities, vacations, and lifestyle all have a lot to say about how where your marriage is heading.  Take this fun and easy marriage quiz to see how you both are doing.  Leave a comment below and share your results with your friends! *hint* They need to start planning your […]