The Left Side of the Bed

The left side of the bed

My husband and I are a bit of an odd couple.

We have a lot alike. We both like Tennessee Volunteers football, Italian and Mexican food. We hate being late for any occasion. We both like cruising and eating really good hamburgers. Sweet tea and chocolate run through our veins as easily as blood.

Yet in many ways, we’re totally different.

He likes to stay up late, and I want to go to bed early.  He wants to get up early, and I like to sleep in.

He uses music to fall asleep, and it only keeps me awake. I love cake; he prefers ice-cream.

He likes hiking through the mountains, I prefer the countryside. Rolling gentle hills or flat valleys, please. No mountains that go straight up making my thighs burn with each ascending step.

When we were married, I quickly learned he liked the right side of the bed…which left me with the left side.  I didn’t mind, as I really didn’t have a preference only sleeping in twin beds most of my life.

The Bible talks a lot about the right side which is traditionally the good side.

The left side of the bed

The right hand of fellowship is given when someone becomes a believer.  The right hand was used in Jewish cultures to eat with because in Bible times, meals were served out a communal dish and everyone helped themselves. Christ,  Son of Man, will be seated at the right hand of the throne of God (Luke 22:69).  From the book of Isaiah, we are promised that God will strengthen us with His right hand (Isaiah 41:10)

But, back to present day, I have the left side of the bed.

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And I have decided that it is simply the best place to be.  Think, I’m crazy?

Well, turn your thoughts to a little-known passage of scripture in Song of Solomon.

His left hand is under my head, and his right hand doth embrace me. Song of Solomon 2:6

Picture if you will.  For this verse to be played out in your life.  You have to be on your spouse’s left side.  (i.e. the left side of the bed).  His left hand (or arm) is under your head.

You are simply reclining back. Resting.  A complete happy sigh of contentment has just escaped your lips. You are safe.

As a wife, I feel a great sense safety in the strong arms of my husband. I am enveloped by him. Click To Tweet

As a wife, there fewer moments of safety than the ones I experience in the strong arms of my husband.  I am enveloped by him.  Nothing can get to me that has not gone through my husband first. I love this thought. I am quickly reminded of many verses in the book of Psalms that remind me that Christ is my rock. My fortress. My shield. My hiding place. My high-tower.

He is my defense.

As much as I like synonyms in the English language, I don’t look at these words (rock, fortress, shield, hiding place, high tower) as synonyms. They are not just the same word repeated over and over again…with a slight twist to make it more interesting.  No, these words call out the type of help that I need at various times of my life.

Rock – A tall place of safety that I can climb up towards to get away from what is going on.

Fortress – a sealed placed of security.  Nothing can touch me inside of a fortress.

Hiding Place – a short-term place to get away.

Shield – Quick protection from fiery darts that pop-up out of nowhere.

High-tower – Similar to a fire-lookout tower where the danger can be observed from a difference

All of these are promised to those who follow after Christ.  To the ones who call upon the Lord.  To those who claim Him as their hope.

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It is easy to forget that the Christian life is like a battle. We are constantly warring against our flesh, Satan, and his armies.  The darts come fast and furious, and sometimes from unexpected places and people.

Using the defenses that Christ offers us is not a sign of cowardice. This reliance shows our reliance upon Him. He is the one who has the ability and strength to conquer Satan and our foes. Click To Tweet

Using the defenses that Christ offers us is not a sign of cowardice. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  This reliance upon using God’s defenses that are promised to us in scripture shows our reliance upon Him.  He is the one who has the ability and strength to conquer Satan and our foes.  Christ has the perfect battery of ammunition in store to help us fight the battle that we are in.

And, surprise, surprise, He also knows that we get tired. Someday, the battle gets to be exhausting. Unrelenting. Unending.  He knows that some wounds are so deep, that the blood just gushes forth, and we are near death emotionally. Infections of pride and anger keep us down and weak for the fight.

For he knoweth our frame, he remembers that we are but dust. Psalms 103:14

Don’t give up.  God knows what we need.  He sees our strengths…but even more, He sees our weaknesses. So take heart. Take courage, my reader!  Find the rest in Christ today.  Rebuild your strength and find security in Him.

Just like I find comfort and strength in my marriage, on the left side of the bed, find your strength in Christ.  Something tells me, that you too will be rather happy resting comfortably in God’s left arm.


9 thoughts on “The Left Side of the Bed”

  1. Hi Johanna
    Wonderful post!
    Though am not married but i really liked your post.
    Its true that when we are tired of fighting we remember God.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

  2. Hi Johanna,

    Surrender makes life easier and easier because we remember; we and our partners are human. Knowing this we embrace our fears and pains and ask for God’s Guidance. Things do get easier and easier after that because we do not battle the problems of this world, being more in the world but not of it. If that makes sense.

    Lovely post and yep; Kelli and I are similar in some ways and totally different in others. What a fun complement. Toss in the Universe and it feels much more fun, surrendering to God when we appear not to need help, and when we need it LOL.


    1. Thanks for reading Ryan! I love how you said ‘things get easier because we don’t battle the problems of the world because we are not of it’. A true blessing to my heart!!!

  3. Hi Johanna,

    While I’m not a religious person I do take a message away from your post. It’s not giving up when things seem tough. It’s easy to despair when things are not going our way, but I’ve found perseverance in the face of adversity is in human nature as it is in mine. I’ve found keeping and developing a firm picture of your future life (ie: having something to look forward too) is a great way to overcome that beaten down feeling.

    Great article on having faith in oneself (and God) and accepting the here and now. I appreciate the time it’s taken to write your article and you’ve done a great job, Johanna! I look forward to reading more 🙂

  4. Hi Johanna,
    We all get tired at times. When I do, I usually lean on my husband. We do compliment each other in so many tasks from family to business. I know he can lean on me as much as I can lean on him. But when it comes to the really big stuff, I do lean on God.
    Besides thanking God every day for just about everything that is in my life, when the going gets really tough I seek guidance and lean on God.
    Thanks for this beautiful post!


  5. Hi Johanna,
    Such a wonderful post. It is true that sometimes it is tiring of fighting the battle but also remembering God will be there to take over when we need a rest from Satans blows.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring posts and God Bless you.

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