Which Part of the Storm Are You

sunset storm

2 thoughts on “Which Part of the Storm Are You”

  1. Hi Johanna,

    Early in my life I was definitely the stormy type. I carried great fear, and anger, and grief. But over the years I faced and felt these lower energies – largely – to clear them out. Some intense sessions, these clearing moments were, but doing more from love helped me move into the peaceful eye of the storm.

    These days I am a genuinely placid dude. After years of meditation, prayer and some trying moments. Toss in 5 months of yoga too 😉


    1. Thank you for sharing Ryan, that was really brave of you! I hear you. And my heart understands. Going through some rough post-partum issues, that left me bitter and angry at some people I deeply respected, got me to the point this year that SOMETHING had to change. And I knew it was me. Yeah, I’ll agree those clearing sessions were super intense and weren’t pretty at all (rather ugly, I’ll admit). But through it all, I’m so glad that I faced those emotions, fears, and released the grip that bitterness had on me. I’m a much better wife now to my husband and a momma to our kids. So happy that now your life is better too; I love the blogs, videos & pictures. Keep sharing! hugs Johanna

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