Why Even Buy Lingerie?

Fifteen years ago, when I was getting ready to be married, I heard some of the oddest pieces of advice.

While many of them I took in stride, one has stood out to me the most.  When shopping for lingerie…

 A most important piece of advice: Take it off the hanger.  And throw it on the floor.  If it looks good on the floor, then consider buying it.  

After a few months of marriage, I quickly realized what the married women in my life were trying to tell me.  While lingerie is often used initially, it most frequently gets thrown on the floor in moments of passion.

So the thought came to me, “Why even buy lingerie??”.  Now, to be clear. I’m not talking about practical underthings.  The ones that ought to be worn in most every-day situations.  No, I’m talking about the special pretty ones, the ones that are made especially to be seen.

Millions and millions of dollars are spent every year advertising and selling women lingerie.  Victoria Secret has large stores everywhere, and a major fashion show on television every Christmas season.  La Perla makes their lingerie out of the finest and smoothest silk & satins (and will probably cost you a few house payments to afford).  But why wear it?  Sure it’s pretty, maybe some of it is comfortable.  But so it a ratty old t-shirt and a comfy pair of cotton capris from the clearance section at Walmart (guilty as charged!)

But here are some really important reasons to wear lingerie, at least some of the time.

1. You are made in the image of God.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made as Psalms 139 states.  It is OK to look nice. This is not a sin.  God is not calling women to be drab and dressed in sackcloth all the time. Remember the Proverbs 31 woman? In Proverbs 31:22 it states that “her clothing was silk and purple.”  Nothing about that says dowdy, plain, and cheap. It’s actually the exact opposite!  In addition, looking nice even to go to sleep can perk up a bad day.  As a mother of 4 children, wearing practical clothes is a manner of life.   But after a while, casual practical clothes (100% cotton, yoga-style or athletic only styles) can make a person forget that they are beautiful and pretty.

2. For your Christian husband, avoiding porn and scantily clad women is something he has to do ALL the time.  Let his eyes have a break for once.  Let him “SEE” you,  and enjoy the feast for his eyes. Song of Solomon 4:7 sums it perfectly when it says, “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”  Have you heard about eye candy?  It’s NOT a sin when done correctly!!!!  Let him have moments of eye candy with you.   Not only will he enjoy this feast for his eyes, it will increase his love for you.  Remember men are visually stimulated.  As a wife, I want my husband to want to look at me and enjoy what he sees.

3. Lastly, wear it for yourself.  Wearing lingerie only to make your husband happy is a nice idea, but sometimes it can feel a bit “off”.  It almost seems fake.   But choosing items that you like, feel pretty in, ones that make you look good, and feel so smooth and glorious on your own skin.  That creates a special feeling inside of you that is good and is worthwhile.   I promise as you enjoy it your husband will doubly love it.  Because, not only will he see a beautiful woman in such a gorgeous outfit, he will also see his wife glowing in it.   Your eyes will have that special sparkle about them.  Your body language even improves because now you feel adored and beautiful like the woman God created you to be.

So I encourage you this holiday season. If you don’t have it?  Buy one or two special outfits.  If you have plenty, dig them out of the drawer they’re in.  Maybe freshen them up and wear them tonight.  If it gets a little baby spit-up on it, or just “happens” to land on the floor later in the evening…rejoice!!!  Enjoy the time wearing beautiful lingerie, and start planning the next time that you too will wear Silk and Purple.