Kratom Used To Treat Opioid Withdrawal

As per the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), a small dosage of Kratom redistricted to a few grams produces a stimulant effect. The symptoms start within ten minutes of intake and last one to one and a half hours. The effect includes heightened alertness, sociability, dizziness, and subdued motor coordination. But a higher dose, anything between ten to twenty-five grams, has a sedative effect with a euphoric and tranquil feeling lasting for around six hours. The effects of Kratom are not extensively studied, so it is not recommended for therapeutic purposes. Clinical studies are crucial for researching and developing new drugs, side effects, interaction with other medications, and determining a dosage that is effective yet safe.

A similar effect of opium

The alkaloid components of Kratom have huge potential for the human body. Some are positive, and others are not so. The attributes of an alkaloid of Kratom have similar effects to opium and hallucinogenic mushroom, so more empirical studies are required to determine Kratom’s addictive and psychoactive properties. With growing tolerance to Kratom, the dose tends to increase, and the person becomes dependent on the substance with side effects such as nausea, tremors, sweating, insomnia, and delirium.

Stimulant and pain reliever

Usually, people consume Kratom as a stimulant and pain reliever, Kratom dose for pain relief purposes is higher than the stimulant effect. If you have mild pain, the recommended dosage is two to four grams; for moderate pain, three to five grams; and for severe, five or more grams of Kratom is required. For better results, select the Kratom strain with a high concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine alkaloids, targeting pain receptors like kappa,mu-opioid, and delta receptors that transmit pain impulses to the brain. These receptors are located in the periphery of the dorsal root ganglion of the spinal cord and supraspinal, linked with pain modulation. Microdose treats moderate pain issues like headaches, minor injuries, muscle strain, and minor burns.

Opioid addiction

Kratom is also used to help people get rid of opioid addiction. Opioids have prescribed drugs to treat pain; with prolonged use, the user becomes more tolerant of the drug, and the pain worsens. Opioid dependence leads to withdrawal symptoms making the user compulsive to administer the substance. The efficacy of Kratom dosage depends upon a higher quantity to treat persons suffering from opioid withdrawal symptoms, but it must be administered under medical supervision.

The initial Kratom dose is recommended at two grams and an inch up higher if it does not provide the desired effect. The threshold must not exceed eight grams if not stated otherwise by a doctor. A gap of forty-five minutes between two dosages is mandatory.